No Man’s Sky Is a Lie?

No Man’s Sky has been out on PC for almost a week now and the internet has been set ablaze over its troubled release. The game is officially the biggest release on Steam so far this year with a peak of 212,321 people playing it on the first day.  Those numbers have since taken a nose dive and can can likely be attributed to the fact it has been riddled with game breaking bugs stopping it from even running at all or causing poor performance even on high end systems.  Then to add insult to injury, players slowly found that many of the features touted in demos and interviews with Sean Murray, didn’t end up shipping with the game. Read more “No Man’s Sky Is a Lie?”

No Man’s Sky Delayed On PC and Update 1.03 Dissection

Yes, another NMS post!  This past week we saw another small delay for No Man’s Sky on PC.  For those that haven’t been following this game closely, No Man’s Sky was originally slated for a June 21st release date on PS4 and PC in North America.  A month leading up to that release date, Hello Games and Sony announced that the game was being pushed back to August 9th.  The reason according to Sean Murray was, Read more “No Man’s Sky Delayed On PC and Update 1.03 Dissection”

Hello internet!

Welcome to!  I’ve owned this domain for a little while now and haven’t really done anything with it and have finally felt inspired to get on the ball and make something of it.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick with it.  A little about myself first.  I’m a 30 year old IT professional, PC gamer, and all around nerd.  So you can expect to hear a lot about these various aspects of my hobbies and life in general. Read more “Hello internet!”